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Here’s my Anki deck that I created for the MCAT. I got 132 on all of the content sections (132/130/132/132 on 3/31/2017), and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Anki and the /r/mcat subreddit.

There are 4351 cards in the deck with content for all three content sections. I use tags, rather than splitting the cards into multiple decks. The main tags are bb, cp, and ps, for the sections of MCAT. There are many more specific tags, though I can’t guarantee that all of the cards that could be relevant for a given tag will have that tag.

I am a career changer med school applicant, so I had to relearn pretty much all of the MCAT content from scratch. What that means is that the content in this deck should be relatively comprehensive for the test, as I had to relearn it all, and I used Anki for everything. The content is based on the prep books I used and a human physiology class I took. I used all the EK 9th edition books, TPR and Khan Academy for psych, Kaplan Biochem 3rd edition.

I also took the following practice Tests:

With that in mind, there may be some spoilers for questions on those tests. There will not be many spoilers for AAMC material (I didn’t miss many questions on their tests, other than the SB).

It would be great if people want to contribute to this and improve the tagging or suggest cards to be added, edited, or removed. Send me a PM with the changes and I will be happy to add it to the Google Drive folder.

Download link

Named after the ortho 500, the unwritten requirement of bench press + step 1 score needing to be greater than 500 to match ortho.

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